Privacy Policy

We at Canadian Moving Group Inc. are dedicated to providing you with a reliable and safe moving experience. By using this website, we do not intend to collect, use, disclose or retain any of your important information. The sole purpose of the website ( the “Site”), is to provide information to all the visitors and potential customers and give them access to our contact details in order for them to request any additional information for the services such as moving or relocating. In case, you do not agree to this privacy policy, you may discontinue using this website.

Payment For Using Canadian Moving Group Services 
We ask you to be present at the final destination to complete the payment transaction. If you unable to be at the final destination, you must advise the office in advance and in writing that you will have someone designated to pay the bill. If you are paying by debit or credit card, the card must be present at the final destination.

Form of Payment
We accept Cash, Debit, Visa and MasterCard. Please be advised that we have a 3% processing fee for Credit Cards ONLY and applicable taxes are not included.

Information Collected Automatically
If you visit this site and choose to take advantage of our services, we may ask you for some personal information such as location data, logs, feedbacks or other communication data including your IP address, browser type, and operating system. Some of the third-party advertising companies may use non-personal identifiable data, which they mainly collect using cookies or third party web beacon. However, these third-party websites do not collect personally identifiable information. All the information collected is for internal review and to enhance the user experience over our website.

Personal identification information
This website may gather some of the personal identification information in a number of ways, which include, filling a form, and giving out information regarding email address, mailing address or phone number. Moreover, if the users wish, they can visit the site anonymously as giving out information is only voluntary. Users can refrain from giving in any personal identification information, in which case it may prevent them from engaging in certain activities related to the site.

How we charge you
We have at least 3-hour minimum work, so we charge you when we arrive at your pick up location until we leave your drop off location and I should mention, the drive time between pickup and drop off location is part of your hourly rate and you’ll be charged for it, plus at least one-hour to seven hours travel time (depend on the destinations), from our office to pickup location and from drop off location back to our office.

Payment method
As well, in terms of payment, we accept cash, debit, VISA and MasterCard. Please be advised about applicable taxes for debit and credit cards payments and a 3% processing fee for credit cards only. Please let me know how you will be paying on the day of the move.

Packed items by customer
Canadian Moving Group will not be liable for any damage to the following contents of boxes packed by the customer : Marble, granite, china, ceramics, stoneware, lamps, home appliances, particle board, pressed wood furnishings, Ikea or similarly constructed furnishings, printers, photocopiers and etc.

Valuable items
Please remember to transport all your valuables such as jewelry, cash, watch and etc. and Canadian Moving Group will not be liable for missing or any damage.

Non-personal identification information

The non- personal information may be collected only when the users interact with the website. This information includes the browser name, type of device used to visit the website, other technical information about the type of connection used to connect to the website.

Protecting your information
With Canadian Moving Group Inc., your information remains secure as we use suitable technical, administrative and personnel safeguards to protect the information. We also strive to make all attempts to make sure that no information is given to the unnecessary parties or people who may use it against the users. Our website uses some of the advanced technology to help to prevent loss of information via theft or unauthorized modification. We have always practiced standardized ways and frameworks for helping you secure your information. Furthermore, we have never or never will tend to sell, trade, or rent your information to others or follow unethical practices.

Basic Insurance is included in the hourly rate which covers your belongings up to $0.60 per pound in case of any damages to belongings only.

Upgraded Insurance is not included in the hourly rate and you need to buy it before the move day which will covers your belongings up to $10 per pound in case of any damages to belongings only if we are not able to fix the damages.

Online Behavioral Advertising
Our website makes use of third-party advertising companies for advertisements only. They do not have access to any of your personal information. However, we may have no control, liability or responsibility for any practices used by these third parties to collect any information. These websites have there own privacy policies and terms and conditions. You should always read there own policies from there respective websites.

Web Browser Cookies
We may use cookies to help you enhance your experience on our site. The browsers usually have the cookies placed on the hard drive for keeping the record and track the information about them. You as users can also choose to set the web browsers to refuse the cookies. After altering the cookies some of the functions of the website may not be available.

Former Users
If you tend to stop using the website or for any reason become a former user, we can still continue to use the information as provided by the policy. By using this website, you accept the policy and in case you do not agree with this policy you can stop using the website. Continued usage may just deem your acceptance to the policy.

Changes to this privacy policy
Our site may have more features added in the future or as a part of legal changes, we may have to change some of the policies. These changes may be made without any prior notice or liability to any person or being. If you continue your usage with us, we may consider you as totally acceptable with the changes made. You, as customer or user should frequently check this page and stay informed in order to help us protect your personal information. You should agree that it is your liability to review this privacy policy from time to time and be aware of the changes.