Home Moving Checklist

Home Moving Checklist

Get yourself a peace of mind while moving with Canadian Moving Group, a renowned home moving company aiming to make residential moving simplified. Here we have a home moving checklist for you to help you in the process of moving. However, you should always stay updated with your professional movers during the entire job.

30 Days Before the Move

  • Start cleaning the house especially the closets and the garage
  • Keep your grocery shopping to a minimum as you don’t wish to carry too much
  • If you have excessive furniture and equipment, host a GARAGE SALE
  • Start informing about address change to the financial institutions, schools, employers
  • Have a word with the utility companies in regards to disconnecting the connection at the old place and having it at the new place
  • Book elevators beforehand
  • Try to be off from work on a moving day
  • Book movers in Toronto, such as Canadian Moving Group as soon as possible

15 Days Before the Move

  • Trash the flammables such as propane, rubbing alcohol, lighter fluid, linseed oil, etc due to hazards related to them
  • Label the moving boxes and all the items properly
  • Put all the valuable items including the jewelry, cash and other items in a lock box
  • Start the overall packing actively
  • Start dissembling the furniture, at least the ones which are not required on a daily basis

Day Before the Move

  • Prioritize the boxes in terms of loading
  • Remove all the pictures and frames from the walls
  • Make sure that the appliances do not have any contents
  • Check all the closets, drawers, rooms, and each and every place to make sure all the essentials are packed
  • Disassemble all the remaining furniture
  • Place the warranties and manuals of the appliances for the new occupants
  • Make sure that the place is neat and clean
  • Prepare a different box for the essentials

– Toilet paper, chargers, paper towel, toothbrushes, scissors, garbage bags, cleaning stuff, soap towels, etc.

On the Moving Day

  • Assign a family member at both the location for taking care of all the stuff
  • Have a final last round of the house after the stuff is taken to make sure that all the items are taken
  • Make sure that the doors and windows are closed completely
  • Turn off all the lights and utilities
  • Say Bye to your house

However, one end leads to a new start. Canadian Moving Group makes sure that we are with you at this emotional time when you are going to have a new start.

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    Home Moving Checklist
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