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Customer Testimonial Canadian Moving Group has been a pleasure to work with. They came here, wrapped up all of my staff, made sure nothing gets damaged, they're quick, efficient, professional. They wrapped up all your furniture to make sure that nothing gets damaged. For me it's important, [...]

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Office Moving Checklist

Office Moving Checklist Office Moving Checklist Office moving is a strenuous mission involving numerous preparations and management. However, we at Canadian Moving Group understand the stress related. Thus, we have already done the work for you and prepared a checklist as an office moving checklist in advance to help [...]

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Packing Tips

Packing Tips Packing Tips Packing needs a lot of tricks in order to make sure that your belongings are in a good shape when they reach the new places. However, the following tips will make the entire process dead easy for you. Moreover, these packing tips are especially from [...]

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About US

About Us About US Canadian Moving Group Canadian Moving Group is a renowned home moving company in Toronto, which aims at making residential moving a smooth experience for its clients. We understand that moving is just not moving boxes and packages, it means much more than that. Hence, [...]

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Moving Supplies

Moving Supplies Moving Supplies Are you looking to buy moving supplies in Toronto? Here is a complete list of do-it-yourself packing supplies for the movers. We at Canadian Moving Group have moving boxes that are specifically designed to make packing much easier for you. Some of the important moving [...]

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